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Regional Teacher Recruitment

On-Line Application System for Educators(OLAS)
Using the Internet to transmit employment applications, candidates can apply to one or more of the participating districts in the Regional Teacher Recruitment service by filling out one application. Candidates target the districts they want to apply to and have the option of granting all districts access to their file. Districts can search for, sort and print applications, cover letters and resumes using multiple sophisticated search criteria. The on-line application is free to candidates. Educators can apply to several regions in New York State at: Vacancies for participating districts are entered onto the P/NW BOCES web page. The site is linked to national databases for jobs in education and web sites serving college and university placement offices nationwide.


For details, please contact 
Call Maria Biagini
On-Line Application System Coordinator
at 914-248-2358


The Regional Advertising Service offers participating districts substantial savings on advertising costs. Cost reductions are twofold. Districts are given discounted NYS contract rates in addition to state aid on all ads placed through this service.


Districts are charged an annual fee for enrollment in this service. Advertising costs are based on district usage.