Pines Bridge


Pinesbridge School

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents,

Welcome to The Pines Bridge School! Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of entering Pine Bridge knows it is a very special place. It is a place where students, staff, and parents work in collaboration to make sure each child is rising to his/her fullest potential. Each child is celebrated and loved. It has been my privilege to lead this school and I count myself incredibly lucky to be here.

The Pines Bridge School consists of three programs, each dedicated to student growth and increased independence. We believe all students can learn and we strive to create individualized pathways to success. At the Pines Bridge program we serve students with Severe/Multiple Disabilities and provide a multi-sensory approach to learning to meet each student’s unique needs. At the Transitions programs we serve students between the ages of 16 and 21 who are developmentally delayed, multiply disabled or have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, and help them prepare for their future. The Pines Bridge School at Sunshine Children’s Home enables our most medically fragile students to participate in a full-day school program under the supervised care of Sunshine’s clinical team.

I am excited for this school year and look forward to many more opportunities to connect and watch our students thrive. I know that the year will be a year filled with successes to celebrate!

Csilla B. Mate

For complete Pines Bridge School program information, please click here.