Regional Safety Services

Regional Safety Services


Many useful and cost effective services are provided by the Regional Safety Coordinator to our component districts. Among these services are tracking of health and safety regulations from Federal, State and SED sources and databases to provide information regarding required employee training, information and regulatory requirements. One of our databases provides information and Material Safety Data Sheets for more than 7000 different chemicals.

The Regional Safety Committee, which is chaired by the Regional Safety Coordinator, is one way we work closely with component districts. The committee has members from every component school district and participants from NYSIR's Insurance Loss Control department, the Red Cross and both counties in our area. In this forum component districts participate in setting the goals and direction for current and future services.

Through cooperation and collaboration, we continue to enjoy benefits such as:
  • Reduced work related accidents and illness
  • Reduced Workers Compensation Claims
  • Reduced student accidents and claims
  • Improved student health and safety
  • Improved employee health and safety
  • Improved employee morale

Careful inspections of component district buildings and programs are conducted annually in conjunction with our insurance loss control people. This is done to evaluate the need for enhanced safety practices and to ensure that required regulatory compliance has been achieved or is in progress.

When special training or service is required it is provided by the Regional Safety Coordinator or appropriate outside experts.

Technical services available in house include:
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing and Investigation
  • Hazardous Waste removal
  • Assistance with organization of laboratory chemicals

Information and assistance is provided to help component districts maintain compliance with a variety of regulatory issues affecting schools. Some of these are:
  • NYS Project Save
  • NYS Executive Law Article 2B, the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education
  • PESHA (Public Employees Safety and Health Act)
  • NYS Labor Law - Article 2, Section 27-a
  • AHERA/Asbestos
  • EPA/County UST regulations

For prompt service & more information contact:

Frank Guglieri, Regional Safety Coordinator
Telephone: (914) 245-2700
OR (914) 248-2457

Carol Sneyd, Regional Safety Technician
Telephone: (914) 248-3854