Guidance and Child Study Center

Assessment Services

The Guidance and Child Study Center offers flexible and personalized assessment services. Evaluations can be targeted to precise domains, such as speech and language, development and psychiatric status or can be comprehensive, integrated appraisals that include cognitive ability, personality assessments, educational potential, and adaptive measures.

Individual assessments can be arranged for students in pre-school through grade 12 to assist in determining appropriate school placement, educational planning and transitioning.

Services include: 

Comprehensive and Psychological Evaluations
Options include in-depth psychological, social/emotional, and educational assessments.

Neuropsychological Appraisal
Extensive assessment regarding impairment in cognitive functioning, closed head injury, or other neurologically linked conditions that impact learning and/or social/emotional development.

Educational Evaluation
Assessment of education skills, levels Pre-K - 12.

Social History
Developmental/medical/family data obtained utilizing district or the Guidance Center & Child Study Center's format.

Speech-and-Language Evaluation
Appraises strengths and weaknesses in speech and/or language areas.

Multicultural Evaluations (Bilingual)
Appraises students from other cultures and suggests educational programs for them. Provides evaluations for students whose primary/dominant language is other than English.