New Visions Students Explore Medical Professions at Westchester Medical

October 11, 2017

Students in the New Visions Health program at The Tech Center at PNW BOCES had the chance to listen to heart and lung sounds in a lab with simulator mannequins on a recent field trip to Westchester Medical Center. They also visited the hospital’s telehealth (eHealth Center) unit and learned about various careers in health care from eminent physicians.
“We visited Westchester Medical Center as part of the Pathways to Practice for Westchester Medical Center Health Network,” said Tech Center teacher Veronica Farlow. In addition to the work with the mannequins, “The students learned how to make surgical knots just like medical students would learn,” according to Farlow.
The Pathways to Practice Program exposes junior and senior high school students to the various professions in healthcare by giving them up close and personal experiences.
Students also got to tour the hospital’s cutting-edge eHealth Center. The center, the first of its kind in the Hudson Valley, is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with highly trained healthcare professionals who serve remotely as a “second set of eyes” for hospital physicians and nurses in hospitals across the Hudson Valley, according to the Westchester Medical Center website.
New Visions Health students at The Tech Center get hands-on experience with professionals in area hospitals in both clinical and non-clinical settings and get a head start on the college application process.
New Visions Health students listen to heart and lung sounds with a simulator mannequin at Westchester Medical Center on a recent field trip.