Walden & Pines Bridge Students Rock the House


It was like “The Voice,” “ X Factor “ and “America’s Got Talent” all combined into one as students from the Walden and Pines Bridge Schools rocked the house with everything from classic rock songs, to hip hop dances to comedy and even a video display of art.

In Walden and Pines Bridge Schools where differences are celebrated, the ninth annual talent show was open to anyone brave enough to perform.

Students from Ms. Lopreato’s class held up pictures to go with the words to “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and Miss Adams’ class performed to “It’s a Grand Ol’ Flag.” Ms. Longo’s class danced the “Cha Cha Slide,” and Ian and a teacher acted out a scene from the comic strip “Spy Versus Spy.”/p>

Jordan sang “I Will Survive,” in a strong, clear voice reminiscent of Gloria Gaynor, while David danced like Michael Jackson. Joshua H. reprised the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” complete with a cardboard taxi cab to show him moving.

A group of boys from Ms. Batto and Mrs. Gonzalez-Delgado’s class took the stage and sang “We Will Rock You” while pounding out the beat on the floor until the entire audience was singing along on the refrain. Fiona performed like a seasoned cabaret singer, leaving the stage and serenading the audience with the Colbie Caillat song, “Try.”

Ms. Liotta’s students did the famous “Chicken Dance.” Matthew played guitar and sang, while Billy used his song to bid farewell to his Walden teachers because he will be moving on to another school next year.

Jonah danced a duet with David to the song, “Down.” Kenaye displayed his one-of-kind artwork through a slide show and answered questions about his work in a short Charlie Rose-style interview with art teacher Jesse Steiner.

“It was great to see them have an outlet to show their talents and gifts and to be able to share them with the people they love,” said Andrew Moskowitz, whose son Daniel performed, “New Romantics,” by Taylor Swift.

Other performers included: Zachary who made the audience laugh with classic jokes; Andrew who danced to “Best Day of My Life;” Ms. Morris’ students performing the song “We’re on the Way to Grandpa’s Farm” complete with costumes and a barn; Joshua V. singing “Cool Kids” and playing the keyboard; Alexis singing “Shake It Off;” Mark dancing to “Milkshake;” Jhuleidy singing “Fight Song;” Benjamin dancing to “Make it Pop;” Arturo singing “Stressed Out;” Brandon dancing to “Bills;” Chris singing “Sugar;” Hannah singing “Has Anybody Seen My Girl;” Anthony C. who danced to “America By Rail;” Benjamin dancing to “Make It Pop;” and Marquize singing “My Girl.”

Group performances included Ms. Lopreato’s class doing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”-- Christine, Tarek, Max, Leiloni, Illian, Bryan & Scotty; Ms. Adams class doing “It’s Grand Ol’ Flag”—Chelsea, Isabella, Katherin, Alessandro, Share and Eric “Blake”; Ms. Morris’ class doing “We’re On the Way to Grandpa’s Farm”-- Angel, Carmen, Mark, Daniel, John, Caleb & Michelle; Ms. Longo’s class doing the “Cha Cha Slide”—Ara, Joshua V. , Andrew, Kimi, Jennifer, Bianca and Ivan; Ms. Liotta’s class doing “The Chicken Dance”—Lashanda, Jakai, Anthony R., Sonia, Noah, Lindsay & Anthony C.; Ms. Batto & Mrs. Gonalez-Delgado’s class doing “We Will Rock You”—Thomas, Frank, Jay, Josiah, Kevin C., Kevin H., Michael with the help of Jonell and Joe.

Debra Canzio, who works with art teacher Steiner to infuse the arts into the school experience at Pines Bridge and Walden, served as emcee, introducing all of the performers and ensuring that everyone had his or her moment in the spotlight.