Tech College and Career Fair Widens Student Choices

High school students from Westchester and Putnam counties came out in droves to the 71st Annual College and Career Fair held at the Tech Center on the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES campus on April 25.

Representatives from more than 220 colleges, universities, community colleges as well as the military and police force were on hand to enlighten students about educational and career opportunities available to them.

Roman Fiscella, of Mahopac High School, thought the fair provided him with the opportunity to see a diversity of schools, all in one day. “It was great to be able to explore a lot of different colleges at the same time,” he said.

Mahopac High School student Ryan Russo, who wants to study video music production in college, said “There are so many more schools that had the programs I am interested in than I thought there would be, which is great!”

After speaking with college representatives from schools like Adelphi, Penn State, Tulane, as well as CUNY and SUNY colleges, students toured career booths that included professionals in the health, fashion and law professions among many others.

Students also got to hear a presentation from Ben Carpenter, author of the book The Bigs: The Secrets You Need to Know to Succeed Beyond High School. Carpenter, a former CEO who has spoken at 60 colleges and 75 high schools, told students, “The surest path to success is to do what you’re good at. Develop passion for what you have a talent for.”

He also advised students to get to work early and stay late, once they landed the job they were looking for. A positive attitude, Carpenter told students, is key to getting that dream job as well as advancing in the workplace. “Happy people attract people,” he said, “but unhappy people repel them. So a good attitude is important to success.” The fair is also being held in the evening of April 25 at Fox Lane High School in Bedford.