Tech Center Veterinary Senior Projects Look Toward Future


Pictured Above: Veterinary Science students work on their senior projects at The Tech Center at PNW BOCES.

Combining their love for animals with their desire to protect them, Veterinary Science students at The Tech Center at PNW BOCES have been working on senior research projects geared toward making life better for animals.

“My students have been working on research proposals where they present information on topics they would like to see funded if they were able to do a professional study,” said Veterinary Science teacher Christina Urbanski.

Emily Gormley, from Carmel, proposed a research project on reintroducing snow leopards into higher elevation levels in Napal, “so that they would be less accessible to poachers,” Gormley said.

Rebecca Steger, from Katonah Lewisboro, proposed a research project on therapy dogs and how they could help pediatric patients recover. “Just 20 minutes with a therapy dog has a huge impact on these patients’ mood and physical pain,” Steger said.

Katherine Zhinin, from Ossining, proposed research on rabies prevention in developing countries on three continents—Africa, Asia and South America. “Rabies is a huge problem in developing countries, where stray dogs can infect people,” Zhinin said. “I’d like to see research on things like how education on the disease and vaccinations could help.”

Zhinin plans to study vet tech at Mercy College in the fall. “I’ve gained so much knowledge taking this course,” Zhinin said. “It has given me a great head start for college.”