Postcards from Across the Globe Flood into Pines Bridge School


Postcards line the walls with messages from places as far flung as Singapore and as near as White Plains.The pictures depict small towns in states like South Dakota, tourist capitals like London, England and resort spots like Hawaii. All of the cards are addressed to students at the Pines Bridge School at Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES.

Carolyn Schneider, the teacher who launched the postcard project, said the students received 639 cards including 430 from all 50 states and 209 from around the world. Forty-one students participated in the project, which began as an offshoot of an English Language Arts lesson that features a story about a boy who receives postcards from around the world.

“I was amazed at how many parents took it upon themselves to promote this,” said Schneider. “It was something that parents and children could do together and involve family and friends. It was fun and the end result is pretty.”

One mom put an ad in a newspaper in Liverpool, England, asking for postcards and another wrote to chambers of commerce around the country seeking cards. When the school year ends, each student who participated will get to take home the postcards that were addressed to him or her. One parents plans to decorate a wall of her daughter’s room with the cards she received.

As the postcards came pouring in, Schneider said, she used the activity across the curriculum. Students located places on the map, counted and categorized cards, calculated how many cards were needed to reach representation from all 50 states and more. For their part, the students enjoyed seeing their names displayed on the cards and taking in the sights from so many diverse places.