Plaques Made by Tech Center Students Spread Comfort

Pictured Above: Club Comfort founder Jen Marr and Tech teacher Steve Zavodsky with Auto Body students. Pictured below: A student works on painting the plaques in a spray booth.

Auto Body and Carpentry students at The Tech Center have made more than 3,000 plaques for Club Comfort, an organization that teaches people how to provide solace to those in need through the use of comfort dogs, personal visits and inspirational handmade plaques. The organization, based out of Connecticut, started clubs in schools in Mahopac, Somers, Yorktown, and Ridgefield and will expand to include schools in Nebraska, Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois. Club Comfort founder Jen Marr credits PNW BOCES with her ability to expand the program.

“We have been able to grow our program because of the generosity of The Tech Center programs,” said Marr. “The work the students have done on the plaques is incredible.”

So incredible, in fact, that Marr recently filmed Tech students making the plaques so she could share the video with schools in other states, hoping they can duplicate the effort.

Auto Body teacher Steve Zavodsky said that making the plaques not only helps his students help others, but it also helps them fine-tune their skills in the auto-shop paint booth. “It provides them with good practice in spray-gun technique,” he said.

After Tech Center Carpentry students cut and sand the wooden plaques, Auto Body students paint, prep and finish them. Club Comfort staff then bring comfort dogs and the plaques to meetings at school clubs once a month, teaching students how to decorate the plaques and include inspiring quotes and words of wisdom that they then deliver to those who need them. The plaques have gone out to nursing homes, hospitals, schools and individuals.

?“It is hard for young people, sometimes, to know what to say to someone in a crisis situation,” Marr said. “With social media, personal contact has lessened, and sometimes people don’t know what to do when someone is suffering. This is a way that they can help.”