Medical Assisting ENL Students Take the iLab Challenge

Yorktown Heights — ENL (English New Language) Medical Assisting students took part in the Innovation Lab at The Tech Center recently to explore team building and innovation skills. “In response to the need to develop critical thinkers in today’s global market, the students have been working in the Innovation Lab on their communication and teamwork skills as they progress through a series of challenges,” said ENL Medical Assistant teacher Maria Pontbriand. Tech Center teacher Rob Stanford, who led the students in the activities at the iLab, said the challenges are designed to encourage prototyping and problem solving.

Students were provided with some raw materials, including a thin plastic sheet, wire, aluminum foil, paper, and tape. “They were challenged to design an object of any form with those materials that would keep a given mass in the air as long as possible,” according to Stanford. These types of out-of-the-box activities foster not only collaboration and team work but also creativity and critical thinking. “Their designs were released from ceiling height, and we timed their time to descend. The team that kept the mass in the air longest won the challenge.”