Medical Assistant Students Host Nutrition and Wellness Fair


What are the pros and cons of genetically modified foods? How do different countries maintain their ecosystems by using sustainability practices? What are the effects of nutrition on aging? These are just some of the issues Medical Assistant students at The Tech Center delved into during their Nutrition and Wellness Fair held on campus recently.

There has been a lot of testing of GMOs done by private organizations that have something to gain by saying they are safe, according to Amy Rivadeneira, Brewster, and Julianna Kuhn, Hendrick Hudson, who worked on a project comparing the good and the bad attributes of GMOs. “But on the other hand, GMOs can provide more nutritional food,” said Rivadeneira.

Kristina Gnorova, Mahopac, and Dayana Gomez, Peekskill, delved into the Mediterranean Diet and the role tryptophan plays in health. “It helps you sleep and contributes to overall well being,” said Gomez.

Students from other Tech Center programs visited the fair to learn more about important health issues