Mahopac’s Nicholas Franzese Honored as PNW BOCES Student of Distinction


Pictured Above: Nicholas Franzese’s Student of Distinction awards which were presented to him at a Mahopac Board of Education meeting on January 12.

Mahopac Falls Academy student Nicholas Franzese was honored as a BOCES Student of Distinction at the Mahopac Board of Education meeting on January 12, marking the first time a student in the program had been honored with this prestigious award.

At the ceremony, Franzese was praised for his efforts and accomplishments by his teachers and BOCES administrators. He was presented a Certificate of Recognition and a Medal of Honor noting his outstanding leadership skills, academic progress and community spirit.

“Over the past few quarters, Nick has put forth excellent effort in the classroom, earning good grades and keeping up with all of his work,” said Richard Guaragna, Franzese’s teacher. “Nick thrives on social engagements and always put his best foot forward when approaching new situations.”

Guaragna also congratulated Franzese for his stellar attendance record and his determination to succeed in his middle school career.

“Nick now has perfect attendance and has gained a lot of confidence in attending school,” said Guaragna. “He's not afraid to utilize supports, is continually open to making gains both personally and academically, and is on his way to developing the skills needed to become a successful high school student.”

A collaboration between BOCES and Mahopac Central School District, The Falls Academy is a unique, academy based program for students in seventh and eighth grades.