Shared Services-Management Partnerships

Cooperative Bidding of Certain Commodities

School Purchasing Association Steering Committee reviews and recommends accepting and/or rejecting all bids. Local district would write its own purchase orders, receive its own shipments and pay its own bills directly.

Contact: Todd Currie, Director of Business Affairs (914) 248-2320

Educational Printing Services

This service provides high-quality copying and printing needs with a multiple of various finishing options such as tabbing, labeling, stitching, trimming, folding, binding and sorting. Specialized custom printing jobs such as school district newsletters, calendars, telephone directories, and budget documents can be created. Interior and exterior sign-making and graphic design are also available. Service is State aidable (if district belongs to the Educational Communications CO-SER), paper is not. Visit our page.

Contact: Joy Myke, School Business Administrator (914) 248-2325

Negotiation Clearinghouse Services

Collects, analyzes and publishes major documents summarizing financial, salary and contract statistics for classified and certificated staffs. Special studies and phone inquiries may be made as time allows.

Contact:  Mr. Bharat Mistry, Director of Health and Welfare Benefits (914) 248-2456

Regional Safety Services

Provides direct assistance to districts, along with information and resources to assist districts' compliance with laws and regulations. Visit our page.

Contact:  Mike Sellet, Regional Safety Coordinator (914) 248-2457

Health Benefits Consortium

Supervises the Regional Health Benefits Consortium and assists districts with insurance and employee benefit issues.

Contact:  Mr. Bharat Mistry, Director of Health and Welfare Benefits (914) 248-2456