Walden School Nurse Receives Award of Excellence

May 13, 2019

Empathetic. Adaptable. Ethical. Hardworking. These are qualities a good nurse must have, and Walden School nurse Cynthia Scinto has them in abundance. Scinto recently received the Award for Excellence in School Nursing from the New York State Association of School Nurses. The Walden Learning Center, a therapeutic support program on the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES campus, is for students with social, emotional, behavioral, communication and/or other learning difficulties. 
Scinto has been a school nurse at Walden for 13 years and is passionate about her career. She received the award because of her excellence in assessment, diagnostics, leadership, and collaboration among many other factors.
“I find a great amount of satisfaction in helping students have the most ‘normal’ school life possible, regardless of their medical challenges,” Scinto said. “I collaborate with teachers and therapists to make school a safe yet not overly limiting place for students, and I work with them so they can develop as much independence as possible.”
In addition to her work as a school nurse, Scinto serves on BOCES committees and mentors nursing students in the New Visions Health program. “I enjoy giving them a taste of the unique type of school nursing that occurs in a special education setting.”
Walden School Principal Michael Sowul said Scinto consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism.
“In addition to her professional clinical skills and her ethical practices, she is always willing to support her nursing colleagues, both within our BOCES and within our region,” said Sowul.  
“At Walden, Cindy functions as our liaison with our Medical Director,” Sowul said. “On occasion, we are faced with clinical or practice dilemmas that do not have simple answers. I can always depend on Cindy to do independent research and/or reach out to trusted colleagues in an effort to make the best decision possible.”
Nurse Cynthia Scinto (left) receives the Award for Excellence in School Nursing