Positive Job Prospects for BOCES Tech Students

March 29, 2019

Life after The Tech Center looks very promising for graduates in the construction trades, a representative from Tradesmen International told students last week.
”Your jobs can’t be outsourced; you really are in a good spot,” Tradesman International General Manager Michael Vetare told students in the PNW BOCES Construction Electricity program.
Ohio-based Tradesman International hires craftsmen for placement with industrial companies throughout North American. Vetare painted a very positive future for students willing to apply themselves. “I can’t stress it enough. We’re desperate for people like you,” he said.
Vetare told the students that they can expect work with some benefits right after graduation and encouraged them to get OSHA certification to ensure their marketability.
He had the same message for Career and Technical Education students in Carpentry and HVAC programs.
But, there are some caveats. Recruiter Gerri Lawrence took the students through a presentation outlining interview skills and the importance of first impressions. She gave them a series of tips for success in the workplace that included demonstrated critical thinking skills, attention to detail and an ability to follow directions.
“Old timers have a lot to share with people like you and you can learn a lot from their experience,” she said.
The visit was organized by The Tech Center’s Work-based Learning Coordinator, Melissa Crea, who said that, while many Tech Center students go on to higher education, many of these students will go straight into the workplace.
Captions: Tradesman International General Manager Michael Vetare speaks to students in the Tech Center’s Construction Electricity program.