Pines Bridge and Walden Students Enjoy a Morning of Bubbles

June 05, 2019

As giant bubbles danced, swirled and popped around them, a group of Walden School students paused to answer a very silly question: “Are you having fun?”
“We get to run through bubbles!” said 8-year-old Nakheem Holmes.
“There’s music and there’s lots of bubbles!” said Zachary Martin, 9.
“I love this,” exclaimed Anthony Colavito, 8. “It’s better than being in class. It’s 10 times – no, it’s 100 times – better than being in class.”
On a perfect spring day, Walden and Pines Bridge students delighted in a visit from the “Bubble Bus,” a gaily painted van that brought a bubble-making machine that filled the air outside the schools with more bubbles than students could pop. Students reached for bubbles while running, wheeling and even dancing through them. While the end-of-year treat was mostly about providing a fun activity, it also offered a sensory and social experience for students.
“Our students are having fun, but they are also engaging with each other in the same space,” said Walden teacher aide Lia Milton. “They’re following the rules while being part of a group. It’s just a great social experience on many different levels.”