Pines Bridge School’s Transitions Program Celebrates Class of 2019!

June 21, 2019

Ten students graduated on Friday from the Transitions Program at the Pines Bridge School at a ceremony that celebrated their growth and looked ahead to the future.
The graduates – Christopher Colmey of Mahopac; Brennan Baumann of Carmel; Tatiana Carpenter of Brewster; Raphael Hodge of Yorktown; Erin Jones of Katonah-Lewisboro; Zachary Malota of Irvington; Stephanie Rodriguez of New York City; Caroline Shu of Harrison; and Bianca Simone of Peekskill – each entered the Walden Learning Center at the PNW BOCES Yorktown campus to cheers from their families, friends and teaching and support staff. Jessica Wheeler of Somers, who could not attend the ceremony because of an injury, also graduated.
Principal Csilla Mate praised the graduates for their hard work and their individual accomplishments: “I’m incredibly proud of our graduates. They have each come so far and truly shined in their own special way.”
District Superintendent Dr. James M. Ryan and Board President Richard Kreps celebrated  the PNW BOCES teaching and support staff, and the families of the graduates for being part of a strong partnership, which also includes component school districts and their communities, that is key to student success and growth. In a Pines Bridge tradition, teachers and support staff signed the words to a song for the graduates – “Have It All.”
Each student shared his or her thoughts on leaving Pines Bridge by giving short speeches, either by addressing the crowd or using assistive technology to deliver recorded remarks. Students thanked their families and teachers and said they would miss Pines Bridge next year.
“I’ve worked hard over the years and accomplished many things,” said Colmey. “I’ve become independent in my job at CVS.”
Said Erin Jones: “I will miss my friends … and I will miss being the mayor of BOCES and greeting everyone in the hallway by name. I’m excited to start my new program and make new friends.”