Garrison’s Erik Stubblefield named BOCES Student of Distinction

March 19, 2018

Teachers at the Walden School in Yorktown praise Erik Stubblefield’s artistic talent, social strengths, and motivation to learn.
These are some of the reasons Erik, a Garrison resident, was honored as a BOCES Student of Distinction at a recent Garrison School District Board of Education meeting.
Despite snow flurries that evening, Garrison School’s library—the site of the district’s Board of Education meetings—was standing room only. The guest of honor, sixth-grader, Erik Stubblefield, sat next to his grandmother in the front row.
Dr. James M. Ryan, District Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of the Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES, opened the ceremony. He invited Erik to stand with him; Catherine Lilburne, Vice President of Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES’ board; and Michael Sowul, Principal of the Walden School.
“Of all of my responsibilities, honoring Students of Distinction is one of my favorites,” said Dr. Ryan.
“We are so proud of Erik’s accomplishments,” said Sowul, noting that Erik had attended the Walden School since November 2017. He read commendations from two of Erik’s teachers. Cassandra McCarthy highlighted how Erik flourished as a role model to the younger children at school. “As his teacher, I am very proud in the growth he’s made.

Amanda Hefner, another teacher, cited Erik’s artistic talent. “He has fascinated everyone with his origami skills,” Sowul read. “He is motivated to learn and is often an eager participant in class.  Erik has a strong academic foundation and is capable of achieving great things.  He has been a pleasant addition to our class.”
Erik beamed as he received a certificate and a medal of honor from Raymond O’Rourke, president of the Garrison Board of Education.  
“I feel very proud,” said Jeanne Hefferman, Erik’s grandmother.
The Walden School, administrated by Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES, offers a supportive and therapeutic learning environment for students.