Students Work and Donate at Tech Center Blood Drive

October 27, 2017

“It only hurts for a second, but you can help someone for a lifetime,” was the sentiment expressed by more than one Tech Center student during the annual blood drive held on the campus of Putnam | Northern Westchester BOCES recently.
“I can’t wait to give,” said New Visions Health student Evan Kader from Somers. “It is so valuable to be able to help someone.”
“It is the little things like this that really can make a big difference,” said fellow New Visions student Yannah Nordquist of Brewster. “I have donated blood ever since I was old enough to.”
New Visions Health teacher Veronica Farlow said she is proud of her students, who helped check donors in, man the snack stations and even stock food. “Our students even brought in some extra treats for donors,” she said. “They always rise to the occasion and are eager to help.”
First-time donor Victoria Dotto, from Somers, said though she was a bit nervous, “It is worth it!”
New Visions Health, Medical Assisting, Sports Medicine and Nurse Assisting were among the programs who helped with the event.
Staff and students who donated celebrated the life-giving importance of the event. As Veterinary Science student Brianna Kara from Lakeland put it, “It’s fun helping someone!”
From left: Brianna Kara, Lakeland; Jill Walsh, Hen Hud; and Sam Zavras, Brewster, celebrate at the snack table after donating blood at The Tech Center drive.