Law Enforcement/EMS
Health Career Academy

Thomas Houlahan


Police officers must have knowledge and understanding of the New York State and federal criminal justice system, as well as the basics of firearms, restraints, investigative methods, first aid, and CPR. They must also know the critical issues facing public and private security agencies. This course offers you information about all of these matters and also provides you with simulated experiences in security enforcement. You will discuss the history of law enforcement, patrol tactics, how to gather and preserve evidence, fingerprinting, accident investigations, and surveillance. Students in previous programs visited such law enforcement venues as courts, jails, area law enforcement agencies, and a forensic laboratory to gain first-hand knowledge of the criminal justice system at work.


The Science taught in the Law Enforcement Program is an introduction to Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Certifications received in this program are CPR, FIRST AID and the proper use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The goal of this program is to provide career exploration through meaningful opportunities in community preparedness activities and emergency response. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, hands-on training, various medical personnel as guest speakers and a field trip to the Westchester County Emergency Response Communication Tower.