Local School Buildings

In addition to our campus-based programs at Walden, Pines Bridge and Fox Meadow, PNW BOCES also offers programs located in varied local school buildings (LSBs). We offer LSB options, as appropriate, for students in our CLASS, Learning Center, and additional programs. In addition, a supporting clinician is assigned to each program. All programs at PNW BOCES are designed to be flexible and highly responsive to the needs of our students and component districts. For the 15/16 school year, our LSB programs are located in the Mahopac, Somers, Lakeland, Peekskill and Hendrick Hudson school districts.

  • Our CLASS – Collaboration, Language, Academics and Social Skills – LSB classes support students with language-based difficulties as well as those on the autism spectrum. These 12:1:1 (12 students to 1 teacher to 1 teacher assistant/aide) programs are staffed by special educators and include co-teaching and planning with a Speech/Language Therapist to enhance social communication and vocabulary building.

  • Our Learning Center LSB programs support students with a variety of social, emotional, behavioral and learning needs. These 12:1:1 (12 students to 1 teacher to 1 teacher assistant/aide) programs are staffed by special educators and include counseling as part of the student’s weekly program. Learning Center LSBs follow the grade level Common Core Learning Standards and do provide differentiated instruction delivered in a small classroom environment. They also enable students to participate in the life of a local school and in some cases attend mainstream classes.

  • Additional programs have also been developed to meet the needs of varied student populations including:

    • Falls Academy – The PNW BOCES Falls Academy is a unique, innovative program for both classified and non-classified students in grades 7 and 8 who are academically proficient but are challenged by prolonged social/emotional dysregulation that impacts their ability to fully access their academics and/or attend school. The program provides a predictable, therapeutic learning environment with an academically rigorous curriculum so that students are able to acquire the skills necessary for both academic and social success.

    • ITSP – The PNW BOCES Intensive Therapeutic Support Program LSB is for students in grades 7-12 and provides a supportive, stable, therapeutic learning environment for students experiencing temporary, acute emotional crises. The goal of the program is for students to be able to re-enter their home school or appropriate program with a comprehensive plan for transition and maintenance in that target setting. (There is an additional grades K-6 ITSP program located on our Walden campus.)

For additional information, please contact:

Lisa Hammel
Coordinator of Local School Building Programs tel: 914-248-3680