Walden Teacher and Therapist Directory

We strive to respond to e-mails within 2-3 school days.

If you do not hear from us after this time, please call the main office at 914-248-2270 and leave a message as we may not have recieved your e-mail.

Name Role/Program e-mail address
Adams, Tammy Teacher, Walden CLASS tadams@pnwboces.org
Armisto, Catherine Reading Teacher, Walden carmisto@pnwboces.org
Batto, Linda Teacher, Walden Learning Center lbatto@pnwboces.org
Bayeur, Melissa Teacher, Walden Learning Center mbayeur@pnwboces.org
Bucchignano, Melinda Library, Walden & Pines Bridge Schools ebucchignano@pnwboces.org
Burch, Melanie Teacher, Walden CLASS mburch@pnwboces.org
Camia, Danielle Teacher, Walden Learning Center dcamia@pnwboces.org
Campbell, Daniela Physical Therapist, Walden dcampbell@pnwboces.org
Capellini, Meaghan Speech Teacher, Walden mcapellini@pnwboces.org
Carroll, Rose Occupational Therapist, Walden rcarroll@pnwboces.org
Chapman, Brooke Teacher, Walden CLASS bchapman@pnwboces.org
Condron, Meghan Physical Therapist, Walden/Pines Bridge mcondron@pnwboces.org
Dinsmore, Greg Psychologist, Walden Learning Center gdinsmore@pnwboces.org
Donohue, Alanna Reading Teacher, Walden adonohue@pnwboces.org
Dreher, Carly Speech Teacher, Walden cdreher@pnwboces.org
Ettari, Darci Teacher, Walden Learning Center dettari@pnwboces.org
Gonzalez-Delgado, Michelle Teacher, Walden Learning Center mgonzalez@pnwboces.org
Haight, Brandy Social Worker, Walden CLASS bhaight@pnwboces.org
Howley, Emanuella Social Worker, Walden ITSP ehowley@pnwboces.org
Iammatteo, Danielle Occupational Therapist,  Walden Transitions diammatteo@pnwboces.org
Liotta, Connie Teacher, Walden Transitions cliotta@pnwboces.org
Lotz, Kimberly Psychologist, Walden CLASS klotz@pnwboces.org
Lundstedt, Justin Occupational Therapist, Walden jlundstedt@pnwboces.org
Maenza, Heather Social Worker, Walden Learning Center hmaenza@pnwboces.org
McCarthy, Cassandra Teacher, Walden ITSP cmccarthy@pnwboces.org
Mongiello, Theresa Teacher, Walden Transitions tmongiello@pnwboces.org
Morris, Kristen Teacher, Walden CLASS kmorris@pnwboces.org
Moschetti, Nicole Teacher, Walden Learning Center nmoschetti@pnwboces.org
Santos, Rebecca Speech Teacher, Walden rsantos@pnwboces.org
Scinto, Cindy Nurse, Walden Elementary, CLASS & Transitions cscinto@pnwboces.org
Scully, Jessica Occupational Therapist, Walden jscully@pnwboces.org
Seedorf, Lysette Speech Teacher, Walden lseedorf@pnwboces.org
Slackman, Laurie Teacher, Walden Transitions lslackman@pnwboces.org
Steiner, Jesse Art Teacher, Walden & Pines Bridge Schools jlsteiner@pnwboces.org
Taps, Bob Physical Education Teacher, Walden rtaps@pnwboces.org
Vezos, Andrea Teacher, Walden CLASS avezos@pnwboces.org