School Communications

Traditional Media


Crisis Management
When districts face a crisis, it is important to contain the damage and control the message so public confidence in the school system is not lost. BOCES School Communications professionals, many of whom worked in the news industry for years, have the expertise to help your district respond quickly and effectively when needed.

Print Newsletters
Print newsletters remain a valuable tool for reaching certain segments of your audience and are the only way to ensure that the district is reaching every household in the community including those of non-parents. Districts generally use printed newsletters for disseminating school budget information.

Districts that keep community members informed about accomplishments and challenges are more likely to build consensus among voters who ultimately must support district programs and budgets. A school communications specialist can be assigned to work out of a district, if desired. This arrangement gives districts the best of both worlds: an onsite resource to handle school communications, and the financial benefits and flexibility of a shared service.

Print Materials
For communities that prefer printed calendars, the School Communications Service offers branded two and four-color printed calendars with original photography on glossy or matte paper. Other print materials include posters, palm cards, programs and invitations.

Web Design & Management
A school district’s website serves as the district’s public face, and should be the best source of comprehensive information about everything from school events to district policies. Working with a number of vendors, the School Communications Service offers districts custom-designed and maintained websites that are lively, user-friendly and attractive at prices districts can afford. Click here for a sample school district website. Click here for a sample school district website.