School Communications

Collateral Services


Bond/Fundraising Campaigns ‚Äč
Whether your district is seeking to pass a bond referendum to make needed improvements or trying to raise private funds to enhance facilities, a marketing and fundraising professional can help you sell your plan to the public with newsletters, flyers, posters, social media campaigns and more.

When a school district has a strong brand, the community knows what it stands for and, more important, supports its goals and initiatives. That’s why, more and more school leaders are borrowing from the corporate sector to create brand identity for their districts. The School Communications Services, working in concert with BOCES Creative Services Department, can help your district create logos, taglines and a consistent image.

As districts strive to become more inclusive, many are turning to captioning services to ensure that broadcasts of Board of Education meetings and other important events are accessible to all. Working with CaptionSync, the School Communications Service provides both post-production and livestream captioning for school districts.

Grant Writing
With school districts facing continued financial challenges, the prospect of securing grants to fund or enhance educational programs has never been more attractive.Working with seasoned grant writers, the School Communications Service is ready to help districts find potential funding sources for everything from small, classroom initiatives by a single teacher to districtwide programs aimed at all learners.

Live Production Video
We’ve partnered with LocalLive to bring school districts across New York access to a live production service for sporting and other events on campus. Cameras are installed on your campus wherever requested, and game producers operate the cameras remotely. The district has a branded video channel and a portal of 24/7 on-demand viewing.

Market Research & Surveys
New York City’s former Mayor Ed Koch was famous for stopping constituents on the street and asking, “How am I doing?” While school administrators could hardly be expected to roam the streets getting input from the public, knowing how the district is perceived and what the public values is critical to success. That’s why the School Communications Service has partnered with respected vendors like K-12 Insight of Herndon, Virginia, and Panorama Education to offer top-notch market research and community engagement services.

Media Training
School leaders are often asked to speak with the media, to convince the community to pass a bond, to share innovative programming and ideas or, unfortunately, to address a crisis. The skill and comfort with which leaders communicate can have a lasting impact on the issue at hand and the reputation of the district. Our media trainer, Amanda Bergen, has decades of experience in broadcast news and as a corporate and political communications executive. She will work one-one-one to help leaders learn how to craft and deliver messages effectively.