School Communications Services


Collateral Services:


Crisis Management
When districts face a crisis, it is important to contain the damage and control the message so public confidence in the school system is not lost. BOCES School Communications professionals have the expertise to help your district respond quickly and effectively when needed.

Grant Writing
With school districts facing continued financial challenges, the prospect of securing grants to fund or enhance educational programs has never been more attractive. Working with seasoned grant writers, the School Communications Service is ready to help districts find potential funding sources for everything from small, classroom initiatives by a single teacher to districtwide programs aimed at all learners. In addition to researching federal, state and local government grants and private foundations, the service can help districts partner with area businesses to fulfill specific needs.

Market Research & Surveys
New York City’s former Mayor Ed Koch was famous for stopping constituents on the street and asking, “How am I doing?” While school administrators could hardly be expected to roam the streets getting input from the public, knowing how the district is perceived and what the public values is critical to success. That’s why the School Communications Service has partnered with respected vendors like Unicom ARC of St. Louis, Missouri, and K-12 Insight of Herndon, Virginia, to offer top-notch market research and community engagement services including surveys and analysis on key issues such as bond referendums, school closings and long range plans.

Communications Training
At a time when every staff member is an ambassador for your school district, our public relations professionals can coach your administrators in the best ways to communicate with media, parents and community members.

Bond/Fundraising Campaigns
Whether your district is seeking to pass a bond referendum to make needed improvements or trying to raise private funds to enhance facilities, a marketing and fundraising professional can help you sell your plan to the public. We’ll help you develop a strategic plan and produce the content needed for print and web-based communications, including brochures, newsletters, posters, palm cards and social media.

Fees are for creative services only and do not include printing or delivery. All prices are subject to change. Our services are not limited to the above. If interested, please contact: Ellen Lane, Communications Director, (914) 248-2235, or email to for further pricing and services.