Guide to Terminology used in printing

ART - All illustration copy used in preparing a job for printing. Binding - various methods of securing sections together and/or fastening them to a cover, to form singles copies.
BLACK AND WHITE - Originals or reproductions in single color, as distinguished Carbonless - paper that is coated with chemicals to produce copies without carbon in-between the sheets. (also referred to as NCR) from multi-color.
BLEED -A bleed occurs when your design requires the ink to print to the very edge of the paper.
BRISTOL - type of board paper used for post cards, business cards, and other heavy-use products.
CARD STOCK - a stiff rigid paper used for postcards, manual covers or table tent.
COLLATE - In binding, the gathering of sheets or signatures. A finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order.
COATED PAPER - paper with a layer of coating applied to one or both sides, such as gloss, dull and matte finish.
COPY - A furnished material (typewritten manuscript, pictures, artwork, etc) to be used in the production of printing.
COVER STOCK - a heavy printing paper used to cover books that is different from the text.
CROP -To eliminate portions of the copy, usually on a photograph, indicated on the original by "crop marks."
DRILL - to bore holes in paper so sheets fit over posts of loose-leaf binders.
FINISHING - the bindery process performed after the document has been copied or printed.
FOLD TYPE - The type of fold you require in order to finish your piece. A letter fold is a paper folded in thirds with each end folding towards the center. A "Z" fold differs in that one third of the sheet folds to the front and the other to the rear and so on.
FONT - In composition, a complete assortment of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc. of a given size and design.
FORMAT - The size, style, type page, margins, printing requirements, etc., of a printed piece.
GBC BINDING - plastic comb binding.
GENERATION - Each succeeding stage in reproduction from the original copy.
GLOSSY - photographic print made on glossy paper.
GLUE-ON-FOLD - a binding method where a strip of glue is placed along the fold of a page or signature.
GRIPPER EDGE - The leading edge of paper as it passes through a printing press.
GUTTER - The blank space or inner margin, from printing area to binding.
HARD COPY - The permanent visual record of the output of a computer or printer. Also, the material sent to a typesetter in typed form, for conversion into typeset material.
HOLE PUNCH - Punching or die scoring holes in the piece to allow for binder or other use.
IMPOSITION - the process of arranging the pages of copy so that when the sheets are printed and folded for binding the pages will be in the proper order.
IMPRESSION - the image produced in a single operation on a printer, copier or press.
INSERT - A printed piece prepared for insertion into a publication or another printed piece.
LAYOUT - The drawing or sketch of a proposed printed piece.
MATTE FINISH - dull finish paper
MEDIA - Type of paper needed for the job.
NUMBER OF PAGES - How many pages does your book printing or brochure printing have? This is different from how many sheets of paper. For an "apples to apples" and easy to quote them it is best to always deal in page count and not sheet count for a given item.
ORIENTATION- position of the paper. Portrait paper is printed vertically and landscape the print is horizontal.
PAGE COUNT - total number of pages, including blanks and printed pages without numbers
PERFECT BINDING - a binding process whereby single sheets are stacked together, the binding edge is ground to create a rough surface and adhesive is applied. A cover is then wrapped around the pages.
PRINT- READY - is a term used to describe a file that has all the specifications necessary to produce high-resolution printed output, without requiring any additional alteration or intervention.
In other words, a commercial printer can use the file "as submitted" to successfully create the desired print materials.
REAM - Five hundred sheets of paper.
SADDLE STITCH - Two staples added to the center of the piece on the fold line, with the head of the staple on the outside of the folded piece. The binding of sheets of paper to form a book which works by stapling in seam where sheets are folded.
SCORE- to mechanically crease or press a channel into paper along a line so it will fold more easily.
SELF-COVER - using same paper as the text for the cover.
SELF-MAILER - printed piece designed to be mailed without an envelope.
SIDE STITCH - to bind by stapling through sheets along one edge.
SLIP SHEET - blank sheet placed between newly-made printed products.
SPREAD / FLAT SIZE - This is the flat and trimmed size of your printed piece before folding. (Example - an 8 ½” x 11”  4 page brochure spread out as a 2 page "spread" would be 17 x 11 ") NOTE - in printing the width is always the first dimension given.
TAB BANK- A single row of tabs running the full length if the sheet, normally along the 11" edge. (If you order 10 tabs per set in a 1/5th cut, the first BANK will be tabs 1-5 and the second BANK will be tabs 6-10)
TWO-UP - printing two up or three up means printing the same image twice or three times on the same sheet of paper in one impression
TEXT STOCK - The paper you require for the inside of your periodical. If there were not a separate cover, then would be the stock for the entire piece (i.e. a "self cover")
WRAPAROUND COVER- A single printed sheet serving as a cover-folded and enclosing the interior pages of the job.

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