To start the ordering process, select the appropriate category. Please check the Glossaries for any items you might need clarified.

General Print and Copy can be used for straight printing, using regular 20lb. paper, 3 hold punch paper, card stock, or color stock. An example of using general print and copy are post cards that are already imposed as two up or 4 on a page. Choose the correct size paper as to the dimensions of your post cards.

Binders is used for any project that needs finishing work done. Such as GBC punch and tape binding or side staples. This can be used for booklets that are already imposed (not as single sheets).  When using this for imposed booklets select double sided and staple in the center.

Booklets are 5.5 x 8.5 when folded in half and 8.5 x 11 when folded in half.  The file should be of single pages not imposed, for imposed please use "binders".  A bleed means the page will need to be extended all around the image for trimming.  Crop marks are necessary for accuracy.  This will also require printing on larger paper and only for the covers.

Brochures are used for a job that requires folding.  Select 8.5 x 11 size if the job doesn't't require full bleed.  Choose 11 x 17 if the 8.5 x 11 brochure needs to be a full bleed.  Crop marks are necessary for accuracy.

Newsletters should be uploaded as single pages (not imposed).  The newsletters are printed with or without staples.  Newsletter 4 pages referes to a single sheet. 8 or more refers to a two or more page newsletter.

Calendars are set up as single pages (not imposed).  Same strategy as booklets, binders, and newsletters.

Remember all booklets, newsletters, and calendars must be divisible by 4.

Carbonless Forms are also called NCR forms.  They come in 2 parts, 3 parts, and 4 parts.  See Paper Glossary and File Preparation for pre-collated color sequences.  Please put in the correct quantity when there is more than one on a page.  Divide the number on the page by how many you need and that is your quantity.

Posters have set dimensions and custom dimensions.  Posters are calculated by the square foot.  Vinyl is used for outdoor purposes and is not laminated.  Final width and height is used for the custom posters.

Tabs section is for ordering just tabs not included in a document.  You will set up each tab and type what you need in the tab text and the tab insertion leave as insert before page number and all the page numbers will be 1.  Tabs are set up as 5 bank tabs.

Postcards section needs you to choose a selection.  8.5 x 5.5 is one page, 8.5 x 5.5 Extra is 2 on a page and 4.25 x 5.5 will be 4 on a page.  SO when ordering make sure you choose the correct quantity based on how many are on a page.

Signage section is for vinyl lettering on metal or Sintra (plastic) boards.  These signs are one dimensional and are not posters.  Quote is required.

Laminating services section is for just items that need to be laminated not with an item we are printing.  Please email at eps@pnwboces.org for instructions on what is needed.

**Special Instructions section in all products is used for any kind of message you need us to know.  It can be more than just delivery instructions.

**Media please make sure you select the correct paper and size for your job.

Please use the Digital Storefront or contact eps@pnwboces.org for a price quote.
Every effort is made to use paper bids for stock paper to help lower costs.


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