Copying Jobs: Turn-around time is generally 5 - 7 business days. Contact us with expedited service requests.

Print Jobs: Printing (books, large quantity) should be placed one week in advance.

Quotes: Quotes or estimates are given based on quantity, B&W or Color Printing, materials used, and how much time it will take to do the job. Use Digital Storefront to place quotes. For items not listed on the storefront, please contact eps@pnwboces.org for assistance.

Finished Products: Finished products should be picked up by the district when possible. Delivery and pickup should be to one location of the districts choosing when choosing BOCES Courier for delivery. A delivery fee may apply.



Placing Your Order: Email us at eps@pnwboces.org is you are interested in joining the Digital Storefront and the account will be set up. Click here for the Digital Storefront if you already have an account. Email any questions you may have to EPS at eps@pnwboces.org. Drop box the file to EPS or for large files (over 10mb, use this ftp site - ftp://pnwboces.org.

Methods to submit files: Files can be submitted via hard copy, CD, Thumb Drive, or email.

Types of files to submit: Ideally, files should be in PDF format.

To ensure good quality prints, files should be print ready.

Please click here for the Educational Printing Services brochure.


You are responsible for obtaining permission to copy books and materials in writing by the publisher. You can often obtain copyrights by using the Copyright Clearance Center website: www.copyright.com.

Title 17 of the US Code
Copyright are exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of an original work, including the right to copy, distribute and adapt the work.