Environmental Education

Center for Environmental Education
State Aid

The state has identified certain environmental education programs as eligible for state aid through BOCES.

State aid does not mean that your district is not responsible for payment. It means that your district is entitled to receive a reimbursement on a percentage of the program cost. Your business manager can give you that percentage. That reimbursement comes from the state to your school district the following school year.

Environment programs are only eligible for state aid when more than one district uses the service. This is what is known as shared service.

How State Aid Works

School staff or PTA selects program, contacts program provider and agrees on date and cost. School staff completes State Aid Request form.

If you are going to a site, it is considered a field trip. Please click here for a Field Trip form.

Someone coming to your school is considered a consultant. Please click here for a Consultant form.

BOCES contracts with and pays program provider and bills district. The following year, the school district receives state aid for the programs based on the district's state aid formula.

Benefits to School Districts

Districts receive state aid on these programs, thereby making additional money available for more student programs.


Eligible Programs

Potential programs include, but are not limited to, the programs found on pages 5 - 44 in the Resource Directory. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Version 5.0 or higher.  Click here for free download of`Adobe Acrobat Reader to your computer.)

If you do not find the program/consultant you are planning to use, please contact the CEE office. We will be happy to work with the facility or individual to determine if other schools are using them and if we can add them to our list.


An administrative fee will be charged for all programs. The administrative fee is also eligible for aid.

For additional information, please contact:
Daniel Novak
Center for Environmental Education
Program Coordinator
(914) 248-2335