Adult & Continuing Education

Adult Career & Technical Education

PNW BOCES offers a wide range of licensing and certification programs that lead to entry-level employment in fields such as health care, computer technology, cosmetology, heating and construction trade programs. Students receive support services including career counseling, job development and job placement. These programs also serve unemployed and dislocated workers.

Classes include:

  • Communications & Business Programs, such as Advertising Art and Digital Design, Animation and Motion Graphics, TV Production & Digital Film and Microcomputer Technology
  • Construction Trade Programs, such as Architectural Design and Modeling, Construction Electricity and Urban Forestry
  • Human & Public Services, such as Cosmetology (English and Spanish) and Health Services


Click here for a full catalog of courses, requirements and registration details.

For more information, please call Adult and Continuing Education at (914)248-2431.